Lung Cancer Prevention

Perhaps the best lung cancer prevention is to avoid tobacco. But this doesn't mean that a smoker, a previous smoker, or those exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke can't prevent lung cancer or fight it if it does choose to attack.

smoking can cause cancer

The Risk of Smoking

Naturally, if you do smoke and you're afraid of cancer (which you should be), you should quit as soon as possible. Even years of damage can be undone and there are measures you can take to boost the health of your body to reduce the likelihood of cancer.

But, not everyone who is diagnosed with lung cancer is a smoker. While it is the most common cause of the disease, there are people who develop it without having been exposed to cigarette smoke. Some have a family history and some just develop it for no "apparent" reason.

The Role of Toxins and Dietary Choices

While reasons may not at first seem readily apparent, our environment is filled with toxins. Our diets are poor. Our bodies have become breeding grounds for disease because they're acidic instead of alkaline.

Despite being more knowledgeable about health and wellness than ever, disease ravages the bodies of people who have the means to prevent them.

If you want to reduce your chances of contracting lung cancer, either because you used to smoke, were exposed to a lot of second hand smoke, or because there is family history of cancer, you need to proactively fight it.

Detoxification and dietary changes, create an environment that's less inviting to cancer-causing toxins. Your colon could be filled with the equivalent of toxic sludge due to a lack of dietary fiber and digestive problems because of your food choices.

Many people with cancer also have heavy metal toxic buildup and cellular toxicity, which increase the chance of disease and difficulty fighting disease.

If your body's pH is below 7, you are at increased risk for developing cancerous cells as the acidy can cause abnormal cell growth.

Lifestyle Influences

There are lifestyle changes you can make to become alkaline for preventing lung cancer and fighting it.

Many things contribute to developing cancer. Whether you want to prevent cancer or fight it, you can learn about how to reduce your likelihood of developing cancer. provides a wealth of information for those facing and looking for lung cancer prevention.

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