Stage 3 Lung Cancer

If you have been told you have Stage 3 lung cancer, it's important to learn all you can about cancer fighting strategies.

Above and beyond what your physician tells you, there are additional things you can do to help facilitate treatment and improve your chances of remission.

chest x-ray of lung cancer for man

While Stage 3 lung cancer is a more advanced stage of lung cancer (Stage 1 is the most treatable and Stage 4 is end-stage cancer), there are some holistic treatment options and you have a decent chance of being cured, especially if you have Stage 3A, rather than 3B.

A diagnosis of stage 3A of lung cancer means that the cancer is advanced but that it has not yet spread very far beyond the lungs although it typically has spread into the lymph nodes at the same side as the tumor.

Talking to an oncologist about your prognosis when your cancer is at stage 3 can be overwhelming. With letters and numbers describing stages, tumor sizes, and codes to denote whether or not metastases are a concern can leave you overwhelmed and really frightened. What you want to know, more than anything, is "What can I do to fight this?"

Fighting the Cancer

Modern medicine can help you fight but there are also holistic options that can help you kill cancer cells as well. Therapies can make you more energized and able to fight as well as give you knowledge about what to take and eat to help you be in the best possible form.

Yes, your best bet is to work closely with your physician, if you feel comfortable with their suggested course of treatment, but you should also take it upon yourself to research other ways to improve your chances of survival and increased longevity as well. can help. Despite a bleak prognosis, you'll even read about people who have been given just a few months to live at late stage lung cancer but that were cured and attribute that cure to holistic health products, such as Liquid Zeolite.

Of course you should pay attention to what respected doctors tell you to do in terms of treatment for Stage 3 lung cancer.

When you also work on improving your body's ability to fight cancer, as well as take supplements that can make side effects of cancer treatment more bearable, this is going to help you fight harder.

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